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Wood, stone, metal, glass – these natural materials have been part of our lives since ancient times. They are living materials with a positive effect on our well-being.

And these are the materials that we use. By working closely with nature and building upon the secrets of old trades, we point out what may soon be forgotten.

We are not a large-scale mass-manufacturer. Our work is based on the uniqueness and originality of each of our creations.

Old wood is the dominant feature of our designs, because it tells a story and is noble and gentle.

The resulting work always depends on an individual’s taste and perception. Therefore, these creations can serve as a part of historical as well as modern interiors where the magic of pure wood or the interaction between wood and other materials can bring life, warmth and cosiness.

They are also an attractive feature in restaurants, cafés and hotel lobbies. These materials are not only intended for the eye alone. They tell a story and just touching them has a lifting effect.

Our products are free from chemical substances, so disposing of them does not have a negative impact on our Earth and the people on it.

Note: Materials are living thing and constantly work their magic, whether one notices it or it remains invisible. Please always use LED sources in lamps and decorative lighting combined with wood.